Arran Miles

Arran’s main focus has always been drawing the life form in a variety of media. She also works with landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes.
More recently she has concentrated on printmaking, studying different methods of making Artists Prints. The use of colour, form and markmaking relate to and support her other disciplines.
Arran teaches life drawing in Newbury and runs life drawing workshops both locally and nationally.

Newbury Weekly News arts review

For Arran Miles the drawn line is paramount in her skilled figure-work in pastels and ink. In the part-drawn, part-constructed mixed-media ‘Nude with Orange Hair’, however, abstracted collaged elements carry equal compositional weight as the figure, and the figure itself has a tangible, physical quality.

In the stark black and white woodcut ‘Wiltshire Landscape’, her technique has removed detail and isolated the form and undulations of a familiar landscape, making us see it anew. By contrast, the etching ‘The Hungerford Bridge’ is softly and intensely detailed, with a feel of the 1920s/30s Slade artists about it. Diagonals of bridge and struts are compositionally contrasted against horizontal buildings as we walk into the picture and across the bridge.


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