Gavin Wilkinson

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Mixed-media and installation wall-pieces

I, like most artists, strive to produce a series of works that explores a particular theme until, hopefully, it leads on to further ideas and in the process enough cohesive work to make an exhibition.

However, this exhibition is a collection of individual pieces that acted as starting points for past (and present) directions.

‘Degeneration Series’ is the continuation of a life-long practice of straight observational line drawing, looking at objects that have passed their practical usefulness and taken on a renewed aesthetic power. ‘Entry Point’ was my first successful 180-degree panorama and preceded many more. ‘Wedding’ was a simple piece that led to a series of six, and is possibly the end of this idea.

I am attempting to generate a series of ‘Gravity’ pieces, but people keep buying them!

GAVIN WILKINSON: February 2014