Louise Gunnersen – Painter

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“I continue to explore a variety of subject matters using a range of different materials. Some of my recent influences are from my travels to Spain, Mexico, Vienna, Cornwall and Wales. Colour remains at the heart of my work.” Louise Gunnersen
Louise will exhibit at Ace Space from 12 September 2012. We have specially commissioned Louise to exhibit a number of large canvasses to hang in the theatre space and as such will be a permanent exhibition. This collection of paintings by Louise Gunnersen, have been commissioned by Ace Space with the requested theme for colourful large paintings of trees. These have been created over the summer of 2012. Some of the influences that have shaped this body of work by Gunnersen, have included The Belvedere Vienna, The Ladies Loos at the Ritz, Lake Garda, although all have their beginnings firmly
based in the locality. The paintings all have their own identity, with their journeys being documented at the exhibition.
Gunnersen is diverse in her subjects and approach. Following on from this exhibition she will be working on commissions for a traditional painting of a Stag, Modern Portraits and a collection of Burlesque Figure work.Gunnersen studied at Cheltenham and Falmouth School of Art, has exhibited widely throughout the Uk and Europe, including the Royal Academy, The Mall, ICA, Regents Park, and The Arnolfini, with international collections of her work as far as Australia. She has had numerous Solo Shows.

Newbury Weekly News Art Review


The hall and bar at Ace Space are alive with colour as two artists with very different approaches show their work.

Louise Gunnersen has filled the hall with ten very large canvases (oils and one acrylic), commissioned by Ace Space to hang for a year. Decisively composed, with a sense of controlled tension, they combine secure draftsmanship with a firm sense of structure and perspective.

There is huge enjoyment of colour here, for artist and viewer. Although the subject matter is conventional ‒ tree-dominated landscape ‒ it is dramatically represented in surreal, non-naturalistic colour, like super-charged contemporary Hockneys. There are no comfortable, conventional colour harmonies or contrasts. The artist has pushed colour to psychedelic extremes, in an acid trip through glitteringly lit landscapes, the surreal colour lending the motifs an otherworldly, dreamlike quality.

The artist’s preparatory colour sketches, photographs and worked-up ideas for the final paintings give an insight into her practice. So completely has she re-imagined the ‘reality’ we know, it comes as a surprise to find that many of the motifs are local.

Two paintings of Lake Garda coruscate with colour ‒ blues, purples, and acid green-yellows ‒ the lake surface burning the eye with its bright, hard coldness. Autumn on Snelsmore Common is depicted in four canvases hung as a panel; though softer in composition and colour, the hues still astonish. Surreal pinks and greens combine with delicate mark-making in the Donnington Grove painting. Two canvases painted in an extreme palette are dense tangles of foliage and trees, with the intense detail of Indian art.


Louise Gunnersen’s website is http://www.louisegunnersen.co.uk/