Normandy Barcelo Soto

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Born in Mexico and raised in Palm Springs, California, Normandy Barcelo Soto explores his personal culture through his paintings. He transfers the richness of Mexico and the space of Palm Springs directly onto his canvas creating an exciting experience of two landscapes woven into one. The language of his art is definitely the language of the earth. Educated in the States, Normandy moved to the United Kingdom to explore other cultures and landscapes. He now lives and works on his art in Froxfield.

Newbury Weekly News Arts Review

Normandy Barcelo Soto shows a collection of untitled mixed-media abstract works using iron oxidised copper filings and paint on canvas, formal work concerned with colour, surface and texture. In hues of aquamarine and rust-red, all demonstrate the chemical effect of metal mixed with paint.

The central canvas of a triptych has a heavily impastoed surface overlaid and embedded with collaged elements of sacking and thread; thin mark-making on the two small vertical outer panels is scored into the surface. A striking canvas takes as its motif the design of the Union Jack; two paired compositions investigate the formal qualities of vertical and horizontal bands of colour. A burst of red-rust erupts from the centre of a canvas; in another, the aquamarine has been reduced to sprinkles over two red-rust forms.



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