Hiring the Hall

Our basic hire charge for the hall or bar area is £15.00 ph. For hall and bar area, it is £25ph. Discounts may be available for regular and charity bookings. One-off bookings also have a £10 staffing charge.

Party bookings are slightly different. Please see below for example bookings.

Please read our terms and conditions below particularly regarding parking, removal of rubbish, tidying up, noise levels and nuisance to neighbours below.

Bookings may require an additional £50-£100 refundable deposit payable when booking.

Please call 07905 590214 to discuss your needs or use the contact form below. 

PLEASE NOTE: PARKING is unavailable at ACE Space apart from a dedicated place for one hirer’s vehicle. We ask that guests are advised in advance not to attempt to park there, drop off/pickup or to drive down St Nicholas Road as turning space is also restricted. There is plenty of local parking within a few minutes of the Hall including 30 mins free and free after 6pm in Bartholomew St. 

Please see the ‘Parking’ tab on the home page for our nearby parking guide.

Example Bookings

3 hour children’s party (up to 9pm) £60  Hall and Kitchen  (usually a 2 hour party plus 30mins each side to set up/tidy up)

4 hour children’s party (up to 9pm) £75  Hall and Kitchen (usually a 3 hour party plus 30mins each side to set up/tidy up)

Adult parties £25ph for Hall, Kitchen and Bar area. A staffed bar, if available, will be extra.

For a disco party, using our lights and sound system (you supply the music on laptop, ipod, phone etc) add £25

If using a bouncy castle (max height 11’6″) or a private dj/disco, please add £10.

All hire periods must include adequate time to set up and tidy up.

For more information, please contact 07905 590214 or use the contact form below to send us a message:

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1. Conditions of Hire

  1. 100% advance payment required for all bookings
  2. Full payment and deposit required at least 7 days prior to event via cheque payable to ACE SPACE or via bank transfer. Our address and bank details will be on your booking form.
  3. 50% payable for cancellation within 7 days.
  4. 100% payable for cancellation within 48 hours
  5. Parking: guests and participants must be told in advance, at invitation and on all related publicity, not to drive directly to ACE Space, even to drop off or pick people up, but to park elsewhere in nearby streets or town car parks. This is to avoid congestion and unnecessary nuisance to neighbours. Vehicles must not block access to the lane to the right side lane of the hall at any time, for any reason.
    All one-off bookings will require a £50-£100 deposit. This will be returned after the event, less the cost of any extra cleaning or repairs or disposal of rubbish, if required as a result of the hire.
  6. The Committee retains the right to refuse or cancel a booking or stop an event in progress if any hire condition is broken, or it has cause to believe any hire condition may be broken.
  7. The committee shall accept no responsibility for any loss that may occur to the hirer for the refusal or cancellation of a booking under this condition.
  8. Hirers are requested to ensure that guests depart the premises as quietly as possible. Guests must not venture into the side lane or congregate anywhere that might cause an obstruction. Due to the proximity of private houses and the restricted area, we are subject to possible complaints which must be avoided.
  9. The committee reserve the right to cancel a booking or stop an event in progress in case of inappropriate behaviour, damage, excess noise or nuisance to neighbours.
  10. All drinks at the event must be purchased from the bar, unless prior permission has been obtained from the committee.
  11. Bar opening hours are 7pm-11pm. No bar extensions are available. Last orders will be called 15 minutes before normal bar closing time.
  12. If a disco or band is used, the sound must be kept to a reasonable level to avoid possible complaints from neighbouring householders. The sound level shall be lowered at the request of any member of the committee. Disco or bands must cease playing no later than 10.45 p.m.
  13. Users should leave the Hall in a clean and tidy condition at the end of their hire period. The floor should be swept. Any spillages onto the floor should be wiped up immediately with a clean damp cloth or mop.

2. Housekeeping

**Please note that the length of time the facilities are hired and paid for must include the time needed for setting up and clearing up.**

  1. Notices or objects may not be fixed to any of the walls. Moveable display boards may be used, but posters, pictures etc. must be removed at the end of each hire.
  2. Heating is controlled by room thermostats, which must not be altered.
  3. All breakages/damage should be reported as soon as possible, after the hire, to ACE Space. The hirer may be liable for the cost of replacement/repairs.
  4. The kitchen is to be left tidy and clear of all utensils, food, cleaning materials and rubbish sacks.
  5. Crockery, cutlery and other equipment should be returned to appropriate cupboards and drawers.
  6. Surfaces and tables should be cleared and wiped.
  7. Please remove all food remaining at the end of the hire period and ensure that you do not leave items in the fridge.
  8. Hirers are responsible for the removal of all waste from the site including empty bottles. Waste should not be placed in the bins outside the hall but must be taken away.
  9. Please check that the toilets are flushed and mopped where necessary before leaving at the end of the hire.

3. Health, Safety and Security

  1. It is against the law to smoke in any part of ACE Space - if smoking please do so outside main front doors and deposit butts in the wall mounted bins. Hirers are requested not to venture down the lane on the right for any reason. 
  2. Hirers must be over 25 years of age and approved by the Committee.
  3. Any electrical appliances brought into ACE Space must have a current certificate of electrical safety (PAT Test). Please ensure that all electrical equipment is turned off before exiting the hall.
  4. Fireworks must not be set off from the premises.
  5. In order to retain floor condition, chairs and tables are to be lifted, not dragged. Chairs and tables are to be replaced correctly on their storage trolleys after each hire.
  6. Before vacating the Hall, please ensure that all windows are fastened, that all doors are locked, and all lights are switched off.

4. Fire regulations and responsibility in the event of such occurrence

  1. Ace Space meets all requirements in respect of applicable fire regulations.
  2. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that fire exits, and approaches to them, are kept clear and available for evacuation in the event of a fire.
  3. It is the Hirer's further responsibility, in the event of fire occurring, to supervise swift and complete evacuation of the building and, subsequently, to call the Fire Brigade.

5. Public liability insurance

  1. Hirers should consider their insurance position when planning any event to be held at the hall.

6. Child safety

  1. You are required to ensure that children are protected at all times, by taking all reasonable steps to prevent the occurrence of any injury, damage or harm.