Nicki Lister

Artist Statement

My friend recently told me, in a mix of excitement and panic, that there was only 100 days to go to her wedding day. Later it got me thinking about spending 100 days on this earth. What if that was all we had? Imagine if that was our lifespan as a grown adult and we knew no other existence? How excited would we be! One hundred whole days on this earth! Free to do nothing but watch the spring sun glistening through new leaves on the trees, feel the wind on our faces on the highest hill, taste and smell the salt breeze of the ocean, take in all the colours and every little precious detail of the earth, the grass, the sand, rocks; appreciate the beauty of man’s invention and construction in its shapes, forms and textures; watch starlings in their thousands moving in unison in great organic fluid shapes in the evening sky, then listen to their chatter in the trees when they roost; feel the beauty and strength of life on earth through every part of our body. How amazing would that be? I think that is what my pictures are all about, this appreciation of life.

The exhibition at Ace Space is a continuation of the showing of my work earlier this year at the New Era Theatre Gallery in Newbury, which was entitled ‘Out of Season’. There are some new works for this show. I have focused on open deserted spaces – particularly in seaside resorts in the low season. I have tried to focus on the senses, the feel and smell of the wind, touch of stone, the softness of sand; the visual excitement in simple arrangements of form, rhythms, patterns and contrasts of light and shade.

Background: I studied Film Animation, Art History and Photography at the West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham (now University of Creative Arts) too many years ago to mention, later on in life completing Access to Art and Design at Basingstoke College of Technology. I have studied, and take an interest in, all types of photography, and have gained distinctions in C&G Photo Image Capture L3 at Wokingham & Bracknell College.
I have exhibited work across West Berkshire and Hampshire in the last ten years, including The Greenham Common Open Exhibition, New Greenham Arts, The Maltings in Surrey and also as far as Sheffield. I have exhibited as part of Open Studios for West Berks and North Hants for the last three years.
079 358 77186