Richard Cox-Smith


April 2015 – supporting Jaywalkers

September 2017 – supporting The Rainbow Girls

How Was It For You?

…”really good gig, very enjoyable indeed”…”The girls were marvelous, and it was very nice of them to invite me up there to sing a number with them. Something I’ve never done before is to get onto a stage without the security of my guitar. What do you do with your hands?!!” Richard Cox-Smith


Local musician Richard Cox-Smith is a gifted exponent of many styles of guitar playing. First introduced to the instrument by his sister and greatly influenced by her folk orientated record collection he was, like many of his age, first inspired by Bob Dylan. As his playing grew more sophisticated the likes of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn became his roll models, but it wasn’t until later that he developed the styles you hear today, following in the footsteps of Michael Chapman and John James. He is now a superbly talented player of blues, jazz and ragtime (without forgetting his folk roots), and over the years has enjoyed considerable exposure to the public eye, including spots on national TV and radio and touring with Richard Digance, Maddy Prior and Richard Thompson among others.






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