Simon Ball

Artist Statement

I have been taking photographs for most of my life, mainly for my own pleasure and the enjoyment of producing images for my own use and to give to family members.
I started producing more images for sale to members of the public several years ago following requests to buy my work.
I have a great love of the wilder parts of our small but unique island and am happy to spend days alone just trying to interpret nature in all her moods.
I like to get the image correct in camera as opposed to snapping away then having to spend a lot of time trying to save the image in the computer.
I love to try new ways to create an image in camera not manipulated in the computer. Recently I have been trying ICM (intentional camera movement) all though this goes against all the old ideas of keeping the camera rock steady, but some very pleasing images can be made.
But I guess my main aim is to enjoy my photography and if what I produce pleases others all the better.
All of my images are limited to 25 copies only, as the intention is to move on and create more images.
I do all my own printing to Giclee standard, mounting & framing so the finished work is 100% my own work.
I hope you enjoy my images as much as enjoy producing them.

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